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White light

High line at the Circus

Cabot Circus shopping centre, Bristol.

944 Fifth Avenue

New York, of course!

Percy the pigeon

This classy bird thinks he is a hen, and behaves like one in the company of chickens!


Sunderland Point, Lancashire.

Going for the soft underbelly

Leighton Moss, Silverdale, UK.

Scooters at dawn

Lancaster Photographic Society monochrome print of the year 2016-17

Three for a girl

Shortlisted for EYE-Photo Magazine.

Tree - Hockney perspective

David Hockney argued that perspective could conform a vanishing point at the viewer's eye, rather than a point on the horizon.


The ringed teal is a small duck of South American forests.

Fulmar over the Arctic Ocean

From the bridge of the ship, I saw that the wind had suddenly dropped and the the Arctic Ocean became glassy, like a mill pond. Fulmars were swooping below the bow of the ship, inches above the water, their reflections contrasting like shadows... (400mm 1/30s, no photo manipulation)

Whitehaven harbour