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“All photographs are ambiguous,” a state, John Berger argued, that’s fuelled by discontinuity. We never know the history of the moment in a single photograph, nor the outcome....

Three for a girl

Shortlisted for EYE-Photo Magazine.

Fulmar over the Arctic Ocean

From the bridge of the ship, I saw that the wind had suddenly dropped and the the Arctic Ocean became glassy, like a mill pond. Fulmars were swooping below the bow of the ship, inches above the water, their reflections contrasting like shadows... (400mm 1/30s, no photo manipulation)

Father to son

"The air you breathe I live to give you"


Milan. Louis Vuitton in the window. A street seller with a shawl.


" I spent 20 minutes looking at this image, I even read all the text. I still don't understand it. What does it all mean?"


Barbie girl in Burberry world.

Stormy weather

Don't know why There's no sun up in the sky, Stormy weather. Since my man and I ain't together Keeps raining all of the time...

Polar bear

Original created on layers of acetate to give a 3-domensional feel.

Reclining figures

Sunset on the South Bank, London.


(Sold at charity auction)

Sure as eggs are eggs

Inspired by "Self Portrait with Fried Eggs" by Sarah Lucas, 1996.

Gun laws

#gunsense #guncontrol #firearms

Whitehaven harbour