Not recycled in Lancashire

Lancashire County Council has been reported as the worst council in the country for plastic recycling. This may not be all their fault though, as recycling the more "difficult" plastics may actually cost them money. Why isn't there a national system for plastic recycling?

Heysham beach

Heysham Beach (Adobe Spark presentation)


There is active beach cleaning activity around Morecambe Bay.

Crisp packets

8 million Walkers Crisp packets are produced every day. They are made of metallicised plastic and cannot be recycled. Most of these will end up in landfill, this one ended up in the Lancaster canal.

8m Walkers crisp packets are produced every day

Walkers Crisps has reintroduced a recycling scheme, but ”Consumers can now visit 191 drop off points around the UK with their empty packets, though some may face a long trip." The carbon footprint of everyone travelling miles to drop off a crisp packet is huge. How many will still end up in landfill? Why can't the local recycling systems just collect them and recycle them? This is a start (or a gimmick), but not really good enough.... And it is only one example of single use plastic. There's a bigger picture...